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The GIMP for Mac OS X

2.Feb.2004 - Excellent new icon courtesy of the very talented Ugo Santana, demonstrated above. Next package release will contain have a launcher with the icon. Also hopefully will be drag and drop ability so you can drop an image onto the icon to open The GIMP and start working on it.

25.Jan.2004 - I wasn't going to do any binaries for version 2.0 since by then The GIMP will have become part of the Darwinports and Fink distributions for reasonably easy installation. However, because there seems to be demand (people not wanting to install developer tools, compile etc.) I am prepared to package up a Darwinports installation of 2.0 and include a nice little icon you can stick in your dock to launch The GIMP. It should be noted though ALL credit for these should go to Darwinports. These would be simply for people who just want the GIMP and don't want to go through the hassle of installing Darwinports and the developer tools. So when 2.0 comes out, 2.0 will be here.

The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulating Program) is a Photoshop-style image workshop for UNIX and Windows systems. The GIMP has an enviable reputation and user base. It has even spawned the fork "CinePaint" (aka FilmGIMP) which has been used on Hollywood films such as the Harry Potter series and Scooby-Doo. The GIMP is free software, which means free source code, no nag screens, registration keys, or $1000 price tags for each and every user. With The GIMP you get the best image editing tools in the world, nothing less, nothing more.

The 1.3 branch (which it should be noted is marked by The GIMP developers as "unstable", the stable version 2.0 should be ready early 2004) is vastly improved over the old "stable" 1.2 series. Although officially "unstable" the 1.3 series is reliable enough for most users for most casual day to day work.

These Mac OS X binaries are independent of the main GIMP project. Do NOT contact them for support for any Macintosh specific issues. You can contact me though and i'll try to help out. :) Note that this site has nothing to do with macgimp.org or openosx.org. These packages are and will always be FREE.

Here is a screenshot of me pretending to be working with the GIMP.

Download version 1.3.23 here. Please note Mac OS 10.3.2 or later is required as well as Apple X11, which is included on the third CD of Panther, and is also available for download here. No development tools required, nor is Fink needed.



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